Broadleaf P4

P4 was developed over a decade ago in response to the demands of farmers and nursery growers who needed a soil amendment which could outperform conventional potting soils and organic amendments relative to their water holding, releasing, and water saving capacity.

P4 represents the latest technical advance in horticultural and agricultural polymers and is by far the leading product of its kind on the market today. In fact, based on independent laboratory and field trial research, P4 outperforms its closest competitors by wide margins.

What others are saying

"Broadleaf P4 is markedly superior to other soil polymers. P4 has the fastest rate of water absorption and greatest holding capacity in the presence of fertilizers. Other polymers require twice the application rates to achieve the water holding capacity of P4. I remove plant stress and enjoy cost savings on water and fertilizers. Remember water is the most important life-giving fluid for roses. "

Dr. Tommy Cairns
President American Rose Society

"... We have used Broadleaf P4 in our stadium test plots, plus test plots for World Cup Soccer. We had 12 test plots, and used P4 in all of them, from no soil on plywood to different soil mixes and thickness of cut sod. Rooting was excellent In 19 days, We had roots 8 plus inches. The test plots were checked out by World Cup Officials. The no soil test on plywood came out great."

George P Toma
Natural and Artificial Turf Consultant to the National Football League (every Super Bowl and Pro Bowl),
Olympic Games, World Cup Soccer and Kansas City Royals

"...I have tried the polymer (P4) everywhere. Houseplants, hanging baskets, plants in the garden, plants in the greenhouse all get the Broadleaf P4 treatment Outdoors, the plants with polymers (P4) do better than the control plants without polymers, going two or three times as long between watering.... I have found that you cannot over water polymerized plants if you give them a freely draining soil mixture."

Author Ann Lovejoy
Horticulture Magazine

P4 Features

  • P4 absorbs 100-200 times its weight in water in soil. This is 10 to 20 times greater than the water holding capacity of peat moss for example.

  • P4 Gives back over 95% of the water stored within it directly to plants as they need it via its reservoir-action. In dry form, P4 takes on water and swells to form odorless, colorless hydrogel particles which plant roots grow right through. Once this happens, P4 will hydrate and re-hydrate hundreds of times over its useful life providing continuous benefit to your plants.

  • P4 is guaranteed to be 100% effective in soils for five years. In actuality, you can expect P4 to provide continuous benefit for twice that time at progressively decreasing rates until it finally bio-degrades. Organic soil amendments normally decompose within 1-1/2 to 2 years.

  • P4 is 100% bio-degradable - As mentioned, P4 will gradually break down over time. When P4 bio-degrades, its byproducts are water, carbon dioxide, and minute amounts of ammonia - all beneficial for your plants or turf.

  • P4 is non-toxic and neutral in pH. P4 has been classified by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency as a non-toxic, non-pollutive soil amendment. Additionally, P4 will not affect your soil's mineral and nutrient content.

  • P4 is compatible with any type of living plant - houseplants, annuals, perennials, woody ornamental trees & shrubs, bulbs, vegetables, turf - any type of living plant system at any stage of growth - seed, seedling, or fully mature - all benefit from the presence of P4.

  • P4 acts as a "timed release" mechanism for water soluble fertilizers. P4 absorbs and releases water soluble fertilizers in the same manner it absorbs and releases water. In this fashion, your plants gain direct access to nutrients, and utilize those compounds only when they need them. Since P4 absorbs and releases fertilizers at the same solution concentration as the fertilizer exists in the soil, you don't have to worry about any concentration of fertilizer salts to your plants. And, for areas with hard water or highly alkaline soils, P4 will still allow for the leaching of salts in soils.

  • P4, unlike several other polymer brands, will not lock up or break down in the presence of fertilizer salts.

  • P4 is easy to apply. Simply mix in the recommended amount of P4 with your potting mix, organic soil amendments or soil area at the recommended depth (in the case of planting beds or turf areas) and seed, plant or sod - it's that simple! P4 can be applied with any type of mechanically calibrated rotary, bin or broadcast spreader for large area applications.