Does P4® immediately work once applied?

Yes and No. P4 will absorb water and nutrients as soon as water is applied to a P4 treated area. But keep in mind that it takes 7 to 14 days for plant roots to grow to and through P4 Water Storing Granules. Irrigate normally for the first two weeks, then reduce watering and feeding schedules according to the specific use of P4.

How much water and fertilizer will be saved using P4?

Depending on the amount of P4 and type of plant(s) and soil, P4 can routinely save between 30% and 50% of normal watering amounts or watering intervals. In many cases, particularly in coarse, sandy soils, P4 has reduced watering requirements by 50% to 75%. In the case of fertilizers, you can, depending on the manufacturer’s recommended application rate and type of material used, expect a minimum 25% reduction in quantities needed to be effective for plants.

Note: Keep in mind that if fertilizer is added at the same time as P4, apply the manufacturer’s recommended rate. Once this is done, on subsequent feedings you may either reduce the amount used or the timing interval by 25% to 50%. P4 will respond favorably in either case.

Won't P4 waterlog or over feed plants?

No. Remember that 1.) P4 makes the water/nutrient stored within it available to plants only when plants need it, and 2.) P4 absorbs a finite amount of water/nutrients. In fact, as water is drawn from P4, the P4 particles reduce in size allowing for water or oxygen to occupy the void space created by the shrinking of P4. Technically speaking, this increases the porosity of your soil and actually improves the passage of water and oxygen into and through the soil creating a better soil environment for your plant, and stimulating more vigorous root development. For plants such as African Violets or Orchids which are tremendously moisture sensitive, P4 will reduce the risk of over-watering and root rot due to its continual shrink/swell characteristics because it allows for better oxygen passage through the soil. Note: P4 is not a cure-all for poorly drained soils, particularly for large area applications where layers of highly compacted soil exist close to the soil surface (less than 12"). Before P4 is used in any large area application, where "hard pan" exists, the soil subsurface should be checked for compacted areas. Amend the soil or roto-till the compacted layer prior to using P4.

Can P4 be applied on top of plants, shrubs, and turf?

No. P4 is an organic biodegradable polymer which will ultimately break down with its benefits negated in the presence of the sun's ultra violet light. This is why P4 should be used with and mixed into soils.

Can P4 be used with mature trees or shrubs already planted in a landscape?

Yes, with a qualification. P4 can be applied by digging or auguring holes 8"-12" deep around the center of a tree and shrub, applying P4 in each hole and back filling the holes. The amount of P4 to be used is directly related to the size (volume) of rootball. Consult your local nurseryman to determine the root mass of your existing trees and shrubs, then apply P4 dry at the rate of 1/4 cup per cubic foot of root mass. In situations where trees or shrubs are five years old or older (past adolescence) P4 probably won't help significantly due to the fact that these plants already have extensive root systems.

With water conservation becoming an increasingly important activity, P4 can go a long way toward preserving precious plants in drought stricken or water rationed areas. P4 will continue to provide years of benefit while providing a more favorable environment for your plants to grow and mature.

If you should have any questions relating to Broadleaf P4, please give us a call on our national toll-free number: 1-800-628-7374. We'd be glad to help!