Taking a Closer Look at P4

Photomicrograph (320 times enlargement) of cross-section of Broadleaf P4 granule shows micro-honeycomb structure of the polymer. 100's of times its own weight of water can be stored within this structure and more than 95% extracted, as required, by plant roots.

This shot shows how plant roots attach themselves to Broadleaf P4 from which they can extract stored water as needed over an extended period of time.

10 days before this photograph was taken this was a wheat seed sown into sand with polymer added at one gram (.04 ounce) per kilogram (2.2 pounds) sand (.1% w/w).

The sand was washed away to expose the roots' strong association with the gel particles.

Close-up shows how plant roots actually grow right into and through Broadleaf P4, gaining access to 1000's of tiny reservoirs of stored water that is more than 95% plant available.