No apples to oranges

at Walker-Vice Nursery in Valley Center, CA These 5 gallon Valencia dwarfs---to be sold at Price-Costco, Home Depot, K-Mart, Armsrtong and other outlets--- are about ready for market. The P4 tree on the left, is six months old, approximately 30 days younger, is fuller, appears healthier and has received 1/2 the water and 1/2 the fertilizer as its P4-less counterpart. Walker-Vice mixes two lbs. of P4 per cubic yard of soil.

The Leaves of brown....P4 turned green! These pictures were taken about six months apart (March - September). Two pounds of hydrated Broadleaf P4 was injected into the root zones of 15 to 16-year old Haas Avocado trees at Michaelis Nursery in Valley Center, CA. Data Industrial Flow Meters (IR Series Flow Sensors) began monitoring every drop of water in mid-June. After two weeks plus of a 100 degree heat wave, P4 treated trees had not dropped one avocado, no burned leaves or incidence of mites. Non-P4 trees displayed all these stressful symptoms.